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Starlight Writing Challenge

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

And here we have my newest writing prompt attempt, this one was created by Hannah Lee Kidder in celebrations for her newest short story collection being release. You can find out all the information here ->https://hannahleekidder.com/

I'm so far behind, so here are the first six shorts. I'm going to put them on my Instagram with pretty backgrounds. I have those links at the bottom of the site. Enjoy.

1. Isolation

Kiara crawled forward, only stopping when her head tapped against a wall, pressing her body close to it as she moved until she reached the corner, her fingers worried at the padding. They say she didn’t belong here, but the screaming concerned them. She’d never hurt herself. But who were the voices? They’d only keep her here for a night, away from the others, but they don’t understand. Even in isolation, the shadows still came for her.

2. Lost Family

Rupert was used to not having Pele home. His father had spent many years traveling in space, making pit stops back to earth to visit his wife and son. Those days were the best. It was fine; he told his friends, it’s not like his family was broken. It was just lost.

3. Found Family

Duncan gasped as his chest hit the ground, the sound of cruel laughter echoed in his ears. A sharp pain spread through his calf as one of the playground children stomped on his leg. He would not give them the satisfaction of crying in front of them, even as they kicked in his stomach. “Hey!” He heard one cry out. As Duncan turned his head, he noticed a pale boy with bright orange hair helping him to his feet, while a small girl with chocolate skin and purple eyes stare down his aggressors. Some of them seemed unnerved by that, but one stood tall, with a slight tremor in his voice.

“Oh look, the freak found a freak family.”

4. Open Wounds

The flower was so close Lyth could smell. Just a few more inches and... something was wrong. A small cracking sound made its way up to her ears before she felt the wind rushed through her hair. The wings on her shoulders were too small to keep her afloat. She tried to grab onto some branches, but her arms were not strong enough. She felt her face and legs rip open and when she hit the ground stars flashed in her eyes. Tears leaked from her ducts and onto the flower bed, her breathing slow and choppy. No one knew she was out here. She made to scream but stopped as she felt crawling on her skin. The buds, herbs, and vines slithered over her skin, covering her open wounds. Healing them.

5. Ask A Monster

Ryne’s wings stretched out before folding neatly against her back. She paid no mind to the cowering younglings in the corner, instead stared into the harsh eyes of Nanael’s greatest predator. They were solid white with golden rims, its long snot with sharp teeth grinding together.

“I know you don’t remember me. Your species has a history of conquering other worlds.” Ryne’s head turned to glance at his offsprings before standing and gripping the creature at the back of its neck. “You have this lovely home, this lovely family, so I must ask, why would you take mine?”

6. She’s Watching

Her hands shook as her fingers moved to shut the lids of her victim's eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to, but I had to, she’s watching.”

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