• Zenita Dee

Looking for Betas {Closed}

Updated: Oct 6

I've finally done it. After years of writing, I've finished something I'm truly proud of. Now all that's left is to get it polished before sending it off to the presses. I appreciate all who want to join me on this journey. Below I'll leave a link to Google Forms to sign up.

Now here's the story I'd like some feedback on.

Working title: Elementals: Spirits Ascending

Genre: Science Fantasy-Spiritual

Category: Adult

Word Count: Approx. 35,000

Summary: Kiara has the ability to reap souls. She uses her gift to help those who are at the end of their lives move on into the afterlife. But when a reaping goes wrong, she sets out to discover what it truly means to have this gift.

Content Warning: The following manuscript contains, use of foul language, violence, and sexual situations, reader discretion is advised

Would you like to beta ESA, just click the link here: Sign Up Sheet

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