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Becoming Shepard: Work Day 2

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

So I'm not updating my blog in the time I complete the parts, just what I spent my workday doing. The first day, I only got so much because a majority of the time was spent trying to get the measurements down and I still don't think they're completely accurate, but hey, that's what the Dremel is for.

So in I go to pattern up the rest of the armor. Now for these next pieces, there weren't really any templates I could go by, so I just stared long and hard at other cosplayers and just guessed.

Next up was the bracer. Again, the templates for this were not the type I needed, so I just used a bracer I had made from Breath of the Wild to be my guide.

Now came the hard part. The legs and here I thought the breastplate was going to be hard. All the patterns look so intense and there was so much detail and I'm on so little time. There must be some way to get around that. And there was. Since I was already combining the looks of the ME2 and M3 armor I figured why not throw another type of armor in there and that's when I found the Blood Dragon armor look. Now there were some legs I can get into.

Still needs work, but this was something I could definitely handle. Now with all my patterns done, I can begin the next part. Foaming!

Stay tuned, it's going to be a rush to the finish line.

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