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Becoming Shepard: A Cosplay Story

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Have I ever mentioned on here how much I love cosplaying because I love cosplaying. Jumping into another character's head is my jam. It shouldn't surprise anyone. I am a writer.

When I was younger, expressing my love for a character was unfortunately regulated to Halloween.

Then in 2010, I attended my first con

It was full of art, replicas of fandom items or weapons, and best of all. Adults in full-fledged cosplay. I had to get in on it.

So I did, now I wasn't sure where to start, so I chose a Pokemon Trainer. It was easy, I didn't have to spend money on anything and something that I'm learning to appreciate after changing cosplays is, it had pockets.

It was such a thrill, I wanted more, but I wanted to be someone more recognizable. Still short on funds, I kept up the theme of closet cosplay.

Can you guess who we are?

It wasn't long, before the cons I went to started featuring people who played the characters I love. I needed to suit up for them. On a budget, I got the Ninjetti suit.

I wasn't satisfied, as much as I love the OG Power Ranger movie, I wanted the morph suit and I wanted it to look good. I spent many days doing overtime to grab this bad boy.

I'm never trying to spend that much money on a costume again. I really need to learn how to sew. Thankfully a lot of my current cosplays are back to being from the closet, but there's been one cosplay that I've always wanted to do ever since I played the game. That cosplay is, Commander Shepard, from the Mass Effect trilogy. I searched online and whoa buddy the price tag was well out of my range. The price of my PR suit was hefty, but thankfully I could order it in pieces. I saw no options for that with this. What was LARPer to do? After staring at the pictures, I noticed, the material seemed rather easy to acquire. I could just make my own, There was no sewing involved, just glue. I'm good with glue.

Let it be known that making your own cosplay is a lot of work, I will never shame someone for buying Cosplays. Not everyone has the time or patience to coswork. Even with no sewing required, EVA foam crafting is a lot to handle and I saw how much detail went into those N7 armor suits. So I tried something small with the foam first.

This took me three days and I never finished it.

I should get on that.

Still, my confidence in making FemShep was not there. I kept making it a goal to at least have the pattern done, unlike with the bracer, which is easily fitted to a print paper, the armor needs to be adjusted to one's body type. I don't know how to do that. I don't have the money to pay for someone else to do it for me. So there the idea just sat and sat. Until one con where Mark Meer appeared. Holy shit, I should go, and I should go as Commander Shepard. Of course, that didn't happen, but that's okay, he's awesome, but he's not my Shepard.

But then it happened, my Shepard, Jane Shepard, Ms. Jennifer Hale herself is coming to a con near me. No, no, okay, I need this armor to happen, even if it's only partway done like the bracer, at least have something for her to sign.

So here it is travelers, my Day 1 progress of becoming COMMANDER SHEPARD

A combination of the ME2 and ME3 armor, it's messy, probably not portioned correctly, definitely not as good as some others, but it's mine and I can't wait to start shaping it.

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