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What Arcana Are Your Characters?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Okay, so I see many authors placing their characters into Hogwarts House, I decided to give some of my characters some Persona choices.

As a huge gamer, I love to mix my writing persona with my gaming one.

Shin Megami Tensei is an amazing franchise published by Atlus. My favorite games of them are the SMT Persona series, though admittedly I've only played 3-5.

So where do your characters align?

Arcana List

0. Fool -The arcana stands for new beginnings, nothingness, and infinite possibilities.

I. Magician- Represents creativity, individuality, and confidence. This arcana is often given to characters with strong self-confidence and high charisma, though they're also given to characters with a need for fulfillment.

II. High Priestess-Represents the inner voice, instinct, and mystery. This arcana is often given to characters with high knowledge and the ability to follow their instinct, though they're also the ones who balance their instinctive action with logical deduction.

III. Empress-Represents motherhood, fertility, comfort, and beauty. This is often given to characters who represent female authority or actual mothers.

IV. Emperor-Represents control, strength, assertiveness, and protection. This is often given to father figures and/or male authorities, but also to people who have a role in leadership.

V. Hierophant-Represents teachings, tradition, beliefs, and obedience. This is often given to religious figures or people within a family tradition.

VI. Lovers-Represents duality, agreement, and emotions. This arcana is often given to people with multiple lives or people who are in love with each other.

VII. Chariot-Represents control, guidance, victory, and less knowingly, friendship. This is often given to athletes, soldiers, or characters that are affiliated with the Shonen Demographic.

VIII. Justice-Represents equality, balance, and fairness. This arcana is often given to lawyers, judges, enforcers, or even characters with strong moral virtues.

IX. Hermit-Represents reflection, solitude, and enlightenment. Unlike other arcanas, this doesn't have a specific target to a demographic, though it does seem to favor characters who are different from society.

X. Fortune-Represents destiny, change, and luck. This is usually given to characters who have a direct response with destiny, either by following it or attempting to control it.

XI. Strength-Represents courage, self-control, and willpower. This is often given to characters with strong convictions and people who have to resist temptations on a daily basis.

XII. Hanged Man-Represents self-sacrifice, enlightenment, and acceptance. These are often given to characters who are self-sacrificial or characters who are caught in two extremes.

XIII. Death-Represents loss, cycles, renewal, and death itself. This is often given to characters going through a radical change in their life, and as such, Death is often an Arcana that gets changed to another Arcana overtime.

XIV. Temperance-Represents moderation, harmony, and synthesis. This is often given to characters going through new situations.

XV. Devil-Represents temptation, lust, and ignorance. This is often given to characters who are ruthless with their control and lacks compassion for others.

XVI. Tower-Represents pride, change, and falsehood. This arcana is often given to prideful characters or characters within false security.

XVII. Star-Represents hope, faith, and joy. This is often associated with inspirational characters or characters of high resolve.

XVIII. Moon-Represents illusion, intuition, and loneliness. This is often given to characters who are going through trials.

XIX. Sun-Represents wholeness, reliability, and success. These are generally given to characters who are inwardly happy and satisfied with their lives.

XX. Judgement-Represents cleansing, choice, and ultimately, judgment. This is a high-level arcana that are given to characters going through a radical change, and ultimately cannot be a personal arcana.

And here is that spreadsheet of the traits.

If you want to see what my characters have here's the link right here:


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