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A Seeker Review

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

After everything that went down in Keeper, Lainey, Maggie, and Ty are back. Questions are answered and feelings are resolved in Seeker, the sequel to Kim Chance’s Keeper.

I received Seeker from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Lainey's normal, bookworm life no longer exists. With her family murdered by the Master, she joins forces with a group of Supernatural rebels. But as she struggles to cope with her new role as Keeper and the uncontrollable power it gives her, Lainey realizes that magic does indeed leave a mark-but it's not always physical.

Ty isn't one of the good guys. He's done terrible things, and he won't stop until he gets what he wants. Even if it hurts. Even if it means betraying the girl he loves . . . again. For Maggie, all her comic book dreams have come true, and her new life as a Shifter is just beginning. But with war closing in, is it truly a dream or a death sentence?

In the ultimate battle for power, Lainey, Ty, and Maggie must face-off against the Master, and work together to discover the greatest weapon of all.

Seek and you will find.

Alright travelers’ same format, I’m going to give you my pros, my cons, and my final thoughts on the subject.

My Pros

  • I love the what Ms. Chance paces her stories. While reading I never felt it dragged on. I didn’t find myself wanting the events to hurry up, or slow down. A nice balanced book.

  • I know this is going to seem like a negative but bear with me. Lainey, Maggie, and Ty are dumb kids. Hear me outright, I’ve read so many books and watched so many shows where a young cast will get thrust into heroism and they just roll with it. A preteen has to save the world, bet, they’re on it, selflessness is their middle name, I mean really, I know many adults how wouldn’t make such decisions. This trio show they can be just a selfish and childish as their ages tell.

  • I really enjoyed the final showdown. An epic battle of wondrous proportions.

My Cons

  • Lainey, Maggie, and Ty are dumb kids. While I enjoy kids being kids, there are some serious stakes in this book and when they mess up, cool they acknowledge that, but then they turn around and make the same mistakes again. This to me feels like a lack of character growth and if the characters aren’t growing and learning, what’s the point?

  • So, I had this issue in the first book as well, but it’s much more in Seeker. Unlike Keeper where we just followed around Lainey, we now get to follow Maggie and Ty as well, and when you get to Maggie’s chapter or just any part with Maggie in it. She just won’t stop quipping. I love Easter eggs as much as the next person, but the point is they’re supposed to be hidden. Any chance Maggie gets, she’s comparing their lives to Batman and Robin, to X-Men, to Lion King, to even SpongeBob. Normally authors don’t want you comparing their work to other work, but if every instant in your book can be called back to something else, by your own words, is it even yours anymore?

  • WARNING SPOILERS Not every villain deserves a second chance or redemption arc, I get why it ended that way, but sometimes it’s okay for villains to just be villains.

Final Thought

Writing a book is hard and Ms. Chance did it not once, but twice and she delivered on an enjoyable reading experience and I applaud her for that.

Rating Style: Amazing Great Good Meh Bad Horrible Garbage

My Rating: Good

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