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Burnt Out, but Reborn

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

I have this habit of going too hard all at once, I try and balance so many things on my plate at once. My writing, my Youtube, my blog, my job, my gaming, my cosplay, my relationship. Eventually, something is going to fall by the waist side and when that happens I drop everything to fix that one thing and well, I just dropped everything.

It's just like I was in school. I had that one class I could ace with no problem, but one class where I had a teacher pull me to the side and tell me I need to buckle down and pull my grades up. I did that, but my other classes began to suffer. For all the multitasking I claim to be good at, I'm clearly not that good at it.

It also didn't help that I'm not sure what I wanted my platforms to be like. I wanted my blog for reviews, so I didn't make my YT a booktube channel, but I can't stand typing more than I have to. There was also the question can I be an authortuber if I'm not giving out advice. The market for How to's is overly saturated, I don't have credentials to back me up.

I know, I'm super confident, watch me work. Now my channel and my blog is called Lost Train of Thoughts and it's because as I joke, That's my mind's constant state. It's true, I was at a con with my bestie and I'm listening to him talk, but out the corner of my eye I'm checking out this author's SFF book. I will be telling a story and you'll get ten more stories inside of that one before I get to the ending of the first tale, but I can guarantee they're all connected. six degrees of Senita's mind.

That being said, while I accept that about myself, I was still trying to make my channel into something it's not. I know I've said this a million times, hell after my last hiatus I even posted a video about these very feelings. Now, I'm literally going to do what I do best and that's me, as arrogant as it sounds I'm a delight, now not everyone likes me, but I do have a habit of making people feel comfortable around me, they like talking to me even if we're completely different. When I transferred stores and even when I went away to go open up stores it showed how well I can turn heads in my direction.

So now that I have declared to be myself on Youtube. Here it is on my blog.

Here at LToTs, pronounced L Tots. I will review books, movies, video games. I'll have con coverage, controversies, and updates on my WIP(s) My Youtube channel will have regular uploads, and I want to at least have one blog post a month. If you need more structure than that I understand, but if not and you enjoy the road trip of my mind, I have a special cabin in the train prepared just for you.

Thank you for traveling with me and later days

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