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7-7-7 Tag with ESA

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

I was tagged by Steven Patridge to participate in the 7-7-7 tag!

Rules: Go to page 7 of your WIP, share 7 sentences, and then pass this along to 7 people.

This scene takes place in chapter 2 of my WIP

At one table, there was a large green and hairy being. It had a short trunk and, on its back, an apparatus that Rupert knew allowed it to breathe Earth’s air. At the other table, a man and a woman with similar facial features sat across from one another. The man had black feathered wings and black hair, while the woman had white feathered wings and blonde hair. He nodded to all his neighbors.

Rupert and Kiara took the table between the two. The green alien leaned over and poked one of its three fingers at Rupert’s arm.

Picture by: Shock777

OMG ALIENS! Okay, now although I should be in bed I seriously need to get to work on my next chapter. this procrastination is ridiculous.

Let's see I tag :







Written and Undone

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