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Confessions of a Nintendo Fangirl

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

As much as I condemn other fandoms when they don’t realize that liking something doesn’t mean it’s flawless, I actually used to be just like them. When it came to Nintendo, they could do no wrong. They made Legend of Zelda-how could they be wrong? But they can be, and they have.

It’s up in the air between gamers when the decline of Nintendo happened. While a lot of the complaints I see are from insecure gamers, there are many valid complaints. With the Wii, whether you liked it or not, it made bank. It set out what it needed to do and it accomplished its goal. Now, the WiiU is another story. I have never regretted buying my WiiU and I still love it to this day. But they dropped the ball on it. Like with the name. As a huge gamer myself, I was well aware that this was a whole new console, but to many others, it was just an attachment for the Wii, this is an oversight on Nintendo’s part. They are a business, so communicating effectively about their product is their responsibility. They failed to do this.

This brings us to their poor marketing in general. There are many great games on the WiiU, but you wouldn’t know. I know what you’re thinking. Nintendo fans don’t buy anything that’s not about Mario or Zelda. Uh, “Splatoon” would like a word. Look at the way they marketed that game compared to others. “Splatoon” had more marketing than “Mario” and “Legend of Zelda”. Why? Because Nintendo wanted this game to sell. They know “Mario” and “Zelda” will sell. You just have to mention their names, and people will empty their wallets. After the marketing for “Splatoon”, people rushed to stores to get it. It sold so well that people demanded a sequel, which they got. And that sequel is also selling very well. They need to put that kind of effort into all their games. They have the money and it’s better in the long run.

The Switch is doing a much better job in that department. The problem with the Switch is technical. Their online app is a mess; it’s a convoluted middle-man application. the Switch is a tablet; just put it on there. Speaking of apps, where’s our YT and Netflix? Hell, where’s the browser. “It’s a gaming console; it doesn’t need it. That’s what my tablet is for.” Again, the Switch *is* a tablet.

The convenience of having it all in one place is why every other console, including Nintendo’s other gaming systems, have to access it. “The Internet browser is there-you just can’t access it.” That’s stupid, and no one should be okay with that. “People should just be happy with the Switch.” I am happy with my Switch, but I’ll be damned if I settle for less on a device that is capable of so much more.

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